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Gulrukh Khan Featured in Kindred Spirit Magazine


Gulrukh Khan Featured in Kindred Spirit Magazine




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10 September 2013: Acclaimed film director and producer Gulrukh Khan tells Bizcrowd how two car accidents led her to discovering light spectrum therapy and opening Allow Miracles, a mobile complementary holistic therapies practice that specialises in dealing with the mind, body and spirit.

Allow Miracles

Gulrukh Khan’s ability to shift energies remotely allows her to offer Skype healing

 Please tell us about your interest in holistic medicine

I inherited my interest and capability from my grandfather, who was renowned in India for his healing capabilities and use of holistic medicine. I have been fully qualified and practising holistic therapies for 15 years, but in that time I’ve also been following my career in film.

For the past three years I’ve been heavily involved in the making of a film called Spirit2Power, which did not allow me to truly focus on my holistic practice.

But I have now established Allow Miracles, a mobile holistic therapies service that offers a range of treatments.

Sounds intriguing – please continue

One of the services I offer is light spectrum therapy, which I discovered after developing chronic shoulder pain following two car accidents in as many days, back in 2010.

I had resigned myself to living with the pain, but after just three sessions of light spectrum therapy the pain disappeared, never to return, because the ‘soft’ laser light went deep into the tissues, removing the inflammation that was trapping a nerve under my shoulder blade.

It’s quite miraculous. It’s safe and amazing for relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Used on a longer-term basis it can work profoundly on relieving the symptoms of skin conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. It can also be used to increase collagen production and reduce wrinkles.

What other treatments do you offer?

The techniques I have studied and use include energy balancing, clinical aromatherapy with acupressure massage, advanced theta healing and intuitive body scanning.

They can all relieve deep-rooted negative patterns or traumas that prevent people from recognising their true potential. They balance your energy field and chakra system, while stimulating yet deeply relaxing your mind and body. What’s more, they allow ‘miracles to unfold’ in your life by replacing old conditioned programming with positive and new ways of thinking and feeling. This will enable you to develop more finely tuned levels of intuitive capabilities.

Therapies can really assist people who have blocks or old traumas. Many of the people I treat discover they have certain belief systems that prevent them from moving forward. Once you shift your belief patterns you’ll notice you are much more dynamically and ‘miraculously’ able to attract the things you want.

Do you treat both men and women?

Because clinical aromatherapy involves me touching the recipient’s skin, I don’t offer that service to men. But I can work with acupressure through clothing, so men are welcome to be offered that kind of treatment as well as advanced theta healing, light spectrum therapy and distant healing through Skype. Healings over Skype and distant healings are very useful for people with busy schedules. They do not have to see me physically. My   sixth sense or ESP capabilities are quite developed, so anyone can tell me about the issues they face and I will shift energies remotely.

Does that mean you are no longer involved in the film industry?

Not at all. I am still very much actively involved. I have directed, produced and scripted a diverse range of short films, education videos and documentaries over the years. At the moment, we have a number of apps ready to go on the website of Blue Velvet in Sinai, a series of four films with Ric O’Barry exploring the relationships of dolphins with humans that won Best Documentary Feature at New York’s prestigious Moondance Festival.  And although Spirit2Power – a film about a journey into the spirit of martial arts – is currently at the post-production stage following three years of work, I will be promoting that once the final cut is complete.


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