Bespoke Treatments

Life-renewing, energising, stress reducing  Bespoke Treatments allow you to benefit from a range of holistic treatments, which include:

  • Quantum Laser Light Therapy (TM)*see below

  • Clinical Aromatherapy for relaxation, stimulation and medical conditions

  • Acupressure Massage

  • Energy and Chakra Balancing (incorporating elements of Advanced Quantum Touch)

  • Advanced Theta Healing (a powerful healing treatment created from the best parts of techniques such as  NLP, Miracle Inspiring Affirmations, Hypnosis and)

  • Distant Healing

  • Powerful one-on-one or group phone / Skype ‘healing / transformational’ sessions. You will see very visible results straight away.

Sessions can be for 30 minutes or an hour –   25% discount for first time clients.

Call today on 07725 534 036 to make your booking, and discover how our treatments can help you enhance your life.

**** 50% Discounts given to those who are suffering financial hardships. Call for more information *****

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is not new. It has been around for millennia. We have only recently started to understand its true meaning and application to healing, the more we understand Quantum Physics and Our Universe.

Quantum Laser Light Therapy is catching on fast globally, as a natural and very safe way to treat inflammation, diminish pain and fortify the immune system. Effects of usage are profound and it has the added advantage of visibly reducing the signs of physical ageing. Laser Light Therapy is totally safe and FDA approved for pain relief. It is deeply relaxing to receive and many people report feelings of deep pleasure and ‘release’ during, and after treatment.

Quantum Laser Light Therapy is the use of intense natural light that is softly applied to the body. The Light used is low intensity but equivalent to large amounts of ”sunlight” going into the cells. The result is a cellular response that creates the most perfect place of balance in each cell. The body starts to self heal, producing very visible and rapid results. Using patent pending scalar wave technology, Quantum Light Therapy miraculously clears cellular memory, especially where there may be trapped emotions and trauma, extending as far back as childhood.

Some of the other most common results are:

  • A huge increase in cellular oxygenation and as a result, gentle body detoxification
  • Quick reduction of pain that lasts a long time and becomes permanent
  • Rapid reduction of any inflammation
  • Restoration, strengthening and repair of soft tissue
  • Removal of any calcification
  • Stimulation of nerve function
  • Visible rejuvenation of skin and collagen production, and fading of scar tissue.

It has also been coined ‘Light Acupuncture’, as light beams are directed to energy meridian lines and pressure points in the body, which activate energy and stimulate the organs. All without needles and just as effective.

The Light emanated produces a unique wavelength and frequency, which can be varied. This enables different parts of the body to be beamed the optimum frequency for specific requirements. Sometimes two Quantum Laser machines and up to three light probes are used for deeper and more specific treatment.  These are red, violet and infra-red. There are specific settings for bespoke needs.

Consistently using Laser Light Therapy will positively enhance your ”energy field”.  There is very little heat produced during the treatment on the surface of the skin or within the body. This is why Light Laser Therapy is frequently referred to as ‘cold laser’.

They are the opposite of ‘hot’ lasers used in surgery to remove growths and perform operations. Very often the ‘cold’ laser will naturally dissolve abnormal growths, removing the need for surgery, as the problem will have been treated at source rather than treating the symptoms in a surgical way.

My Personal Testimonial

After 3 sessions of Light Therapy, chronic shoulder pain that I had from two car accidents which occurred two days apart, when my vehicle was hit, disappeared, never to return. No other therapy had helped it previously and I resigned myself to ”living” with it.

Though I reduced the pain significantly through ”visualisation” and natural self healing methods, that did not involve any use of pharmaceutical products, the Laser Light went deep into the tissues removing the inflammation that was trapping a nerve under my shoulder blade.

It also rapidly prevented a ‘sty’ on the eye from developing, within 20 minutes of application. By holding the laser to my cheek, it flooded my cells with ”sunshine”, a condition that bacteria or viruses cannot survive in. Shortly after, the inflammation and itching in the eye disappeared.

Gulrukh Khan